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Advanced Skill

Skill PP Attack Type Power Hit Chance Notes
Water Bombs 5 Physical 90 90% May Heal You
Tsunami 5 Physical 55 90% Hits All Opponents
Water Torrent 3 Magical 110 90% May Heal You, Cannot Attack Next Turn
Soak 3 Supplementary 100% Heals Half the User's HP

Intermediate Skill

Skill PP Attack Type Power Hit Chance Notes
Rain Prayer 5 Supplementary 100% Makes It Rain
Drown 3 Supplementary 100% Opponent Takes Damage When Switch Monsters
Erupting Spring 10 Physical 60 95% May Heal You
Absorption 5 Supplementary 100% Heals One Third of the User's HP
Sewage 10 Magical 50 90% Increase Dodge, May Heal You
Whirlpool 10 Physical 50 90% Decrease MDEF, May Heal You
Water Jets 10 Physical 45 95% This move has priority and will hit before normal attacks.
Water Cell 10 Supplementary 75% Traps the opponent
Water Beads 5 Supplementary 100% Heals 10% of the User's HP at the end of each turn in battle

Beginner Skill

Skill PP Attack Type Power Hit Chance Notes
Water Droplet 15 Physical 35 100% May Heal You
Crystallize 10 Supplementary 100% Increase PDEF
Bubbles 10 Supplementary 90% Decrease Dodge
Water Barrier 10 Supplementary 100% Increase MDEF

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