Thor - lvl 1
Rhor - lvl 27
Scroll (Canyon Veteran Mode)
Purchase scroll at the Magic Shop


"Came out of nowhere. Extremely violent and territorial."

Available Skills:

Electric Net Level 8 Slot 3
Whack Level 20 Slot 1
Lightning Level 23 Slot 2
Ultrasonic Level 27 Slot 3
Lightning Strike Level 40 Slot 1


To activate a talent, you will need an Ultimate Rune Gem

Adrenaline Your physical attack increases after you have defeated a monster.
Force-III Your monster's physical attack increases immensely while its physical defense decreases.
Aim Your monster's hit rating increases at the beginning of the battle.
Rain Cleanse Removes all debuffs with each turn when it is raining.
No Guard Guarantees a 100% hit rating regardless of who is attacking.This mystery talent does not affect skills that obliterate the opponent in a single hit.
Magic Force-III Your monster's magical attack increases immensely while its magical defense decreases.

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