Talent Rarity Available
Accelerator Rare Echo, Shriek, Stinger, Neo, Neon.
Adaptability Epic Draco, Draconio, Draconius, Seafoam, Cygness, Neo, Neon
Adrenaline Epic Thor, Rhor, Cerberus, Chimera
Aim Rare Pinchey, Stabbey, Chimp, Champ, Thor, Rhor
Antidote Uncommon Maize, Kernel, Leshy
Antifreeze Uncommon Yaki, Yeti, Trunky, Chunky, Crystal
Apathetic Uncommon Jack, Smack, Paranormal, Parasitic, Pinchey, Stabbey, Splashy, Shadow
Armor-l Uncommon Chowda, Shelly, Tresha
Armor-ll Rare Grubby, Mantis, Scythe
Armor-lll Epic Boopie, Boomer, Brawny
ATK Boost Epic Phoenix
Blaze-l Uncommon Draco, Draconio, Draconius, Flare, Furor, Furocity, Flicker, Searbiscuit, Ignightmare, Escarglow
Blaze-ll Rare Lava
Blizzard Epic Fenrir
Bolster Epic Pattapilla, Pattafly
Chill-ll Rare Arctica
Cloud Summoner Epic Glider
Competitive Rare Frizz, Fritz, Fright, Chimp, Champ, Glider
DEF Boost Epic Phoenix, Mantis, Scythe
Desert Power-ATK Rare Ricky, Rocky, Blocky, Roco, Setanic
Desert Power-MATK Rare Roco
Detonate-l Rare Jack, Smack, Paranormal, Parasitic, Cursie, Mantis, Scythe, Boomie, Booma
Detonate-ll Epic Geo, Igneous, Crispy, Boomie, Booma
Double Double Epic Electroe, Bragga
Earth Barrier Rare Geo, Igneous, Poe, Minotaur
Electric Barrier Rare Poe, Sally, Chimera
Evade Rare Phony, Flaunt, Flight, Pocahoontas, Lupa, Hippogon, Needles
Eye of the Storm Epic Pegasus
Favor Epic Whalorn
Fire Barrier Rare Poe, Infernoe, Cerberus
Flame Body-l Uncommon Flare, Furor, Furocity
Flame Body-ll Rare Flicker, Searbiscuit, Ignightmare, Sphierx
Flush Rare Psychoe, Purity, Sincerity, Felicity, Lambush, Sally
Force-ll Rare Slider, Swiper, Smiter, Pattapilla, Pattafly, Boarbarian, Cerberus, Hydra, Chimera, Minotaur, Behemoth, Needles, Bragga
Force-lll Epic Thor, Rhor, Funkis
Formation-l Uncommon Boopie, Boomer, Brawny
Formation-ll Rare Armon, Armordillo, Mineroe, Roco
Fortitude-l Rare Armon, Armordillo, Lupus, Geo, Igneous, Echo, Shriek, Crabby, Crusty, Stinger
Fortitude-ll Epic Gryphion, Plantosaurus, Setanic, Leviathan, Sphierx, Arctica
Frigid Rare Evergreen, Lupus, Fenrir
Frost Aura-l Uncommon Glacie, Glazelle, Glaze, Blubbie
Frost Aura-ll Rare Snoe, Crystal
Frost Aura-lll Epic Trunky, Chunky, Sneopard, Clawpard
Haste-l Uncommon Frizz, Fritz, Fright, Tresha
Haste-ll Rare Bragga
Healer Rare Chowda, Shelly, Slider, Swiper, Smiter, Twinkle, Phoenix, Bubbles, Seafoam, Cygness, Boarbarian, Needles, Bragga
Heatproof Uncommon Lizzy, Frizzy, Escarglow, Lava
Heatstroke Common Cheeky, Angel
Heat Wave Epic Cerberus, Behemoth
Hypnosis Jinx-ll Rare Kreepie, Spookie, Meniss, Skelly, Vertebrex, Vertedeath
Ice Cleanse Uncommon Yaki, Yeti, Snoe, Crystal
Ice Power-ATK Rare Crystal
Ice Power-MATK Rare Glacie, Glazelle, Glaze, Freezy, Fragician, Crystal, Arctica
Ice Therapy-l Uncommon Glacie, Glazelle, Glaze, Yaki, Yeti, Evergreen, Trunky, Chunky, Blubbie, Sneopard, Clawpard
Ice Therapy-ll Rare Arctica
Insomnia Uncommon Mythik, Mystik
Intimidate Epic Flicker, Searbiscuit, Ignightmare, Lava, Leshy, Angelo, Roco, Crystal, Splashy, Bolt, Devil, Gryphion, Arctica
Invalidate Rare Chimp, Champ, Neo, Neon, Gryphion, Plantosaurus, Setanic, Leviathan, Sphierx
Inverse Rare Joey, Powch, Leetle, Lambush, Sneopard, Clawpard
Keen Eye Uncommon Mythik, Mystik, Joey, Powch, Mischief, Misfortune, Pinchey, Stabbey, Lupa, Seafoam, Cygness
Laziness Common Mischief, Misfortune, Hypnoe
Magic Armor-l Uncommon Tresha
Magic Armor-ll Rare Echo, Shriek, Sneopard, Clawpard, Faerivy, Behemoth
Magic Force-l Uncommon Mythik, Mystik, Pampurred, Prefurred, Purrfection, Freezy, Fragician
Magic Force-ll Rare Kreepie, Spookie, Meniss, Trunky, Chunky, Purity, Sincerity, Felicity, Sneopard, Clawpard, Boarbarian, Fenrir, Hydra, Pegasus, Bahamut, Needles, Bragga
Magic Force-lll Epic Thor, Rhor, Skelly, Vertebrex, Vertedeath
Malicious Epic Faerivy
MATK Boost Epic Phoenix
MDEF Boost Epic Pampurred, Prefurred, Purrfection, Phoenix
Mummy Epic Kreepie, Spookie, Meniss, Cursie
Natural Cure Uncommon Phony, Pocahoontas, Purity, Sincerity, Felicity, Boarbarian
Night Killer (Magical) Rare Bahamut
Nightmare Epic Kreepie, Spookie, Meniss, Skelly, Vertebrex, Vertedeath
No Guard Uncommon Jack, Smack, Freezy, Fragician, Thor, Rhor, Funkis, Boarbarian
Overgrow-l Uncommon Maize, Kernel, Gralf, Bush
Overgrow-ll Rare Octobud, Octomom, Leshy, Gralf, Bush
Overgrow-lll Epic Slider, Swiper, Smiter
Own Tempo Uncommon Kreepie, Spookie, Meniss, Flaunt, Flight, Flicker, Searbiscuit, Ignightmare, Lupa, Hippogon
Paranormal Barrier Rare Paranormal, Parasitic, Poe, Hypnoe, Skelly, Vertebrex, Vertedeath, Bahamut
Penetrate Epic Flaunt, Flight, Skelly, Vertebrex, Vertedeath, Hippogon
Plant Barrier Rare Poe, Vegetaboe, Faerivy, Behemoth
Poison Point-l Uncommon Bud, Blossom, Bloom, Slider, Swiper, Smiter, Octobud, Octomom
Poison Point-ll Rare Antee, Pattapilla, Pattafly, Plantosaurus
Pressure Epic Purity, Sincerity, Felicity, Skelly, Vertebrex, Vertedeath
Psychic Barrier Rare Pampurred, Prefurred, Purrfection, Poe, Psychoe, Purity, Sincerity, Felicity, Pegasus
Pure Rare Crispy, Grubby, Glider
Purify Rare Pattapilla, Pattafly
Rage Rare Hippogon
Rain Epic Hydra, Chimera
Rain Cleanse Rare Katch, Ripper, Gnasher, Thor, Rhor, Leshy, Splashy, Neo, Neon
Rain Power-ATK Rare Crabby, Crusty, Hydroe, Electroe, Stinger, Splashy, Bolt, Gryphion, Leviathan
Rain Power-MATK Rare Splashy, Bolt, Whalorn, Leviathan
Ressurect Epic Armon, Armordillo, Oogway, Bluegway, Pewgway, Ricky, Rocky, Blocky, Mantis, Scythe, Fenrir, Cerberus, Hydra, Chimera, Minotaur, Behemoth, Pegasus, Bahamut
Rooted Rare Boopie, Boomer, Brawny, Twiggy, Branchy, Mineroe
Rubber Uncommon Dodo, Gogo, Lux, Luminous, Bolt
Sandblasted Common Cheeky
Sand Cleanse Uncommon Boopie, Boomer, Brawny, Roco, Mantis, Scythe
Sandstorm Epic Minotaur
Sand Therapy-l Uncommon Boopie, Boomer, Brawny, Ricky, Rocky, Blocky
Sand Therapy-ll Rare Setanic
Shun Rare Oogway, Bluegway, Pewgway
Sniper Rare Seafoam. Cygness
Solar Power-ATK Rare Flare, Furor, Furocity, Bud, Blossom, Bloom, Infernoe, Vegetaboe, Lava, Leshy, Lambush, Plantosaurus, Sphierx
Solar Power-MATK Rare Lava, Leshy, Faerivy, Sphierx
Speed Boost Epic Phoenix, Seafoam, Cygness, Fenrir, Minotaur
Spirituality-l Uncommon Twinkie
Spirituality-lll Epic Angel
Static-ll Rare Sally, Gryphion
Storm Kid (Magical) Rare Pegasus
Stuck Epic Neo, Neon, Faerivy
Sun Cleanse Uncommon Maize, Kernel, Slider, Swiper, Smiter, Flicker, Searbiscuit, Ignightmare, Lava, Pattapilla, Pattafly
Sun Therapy-l Uncommon Bud, Blossom, Bloom, Lizzy, Frizzy
Sun Therapy-ll Rare Twiggy, Branchy, Plantosaurus, Sphierx
Supernatural-l Uncommon Kreepie, Spookie, Meniss, Mischief, Misfortune
Synchronize Epic Cursie, Funkis, Shadow
Taunt Rare Draco, Draconio, Draconius, Chowda, Shelly, Pampurred, Prefurred, Purrfection, Oogway, Bluegway, Pewgway, Infernoe, Hydroe, Electroe, Vegetaboe, Psychoe, Hypnoe, Mineroe, Snoe, Whalorn
Technician-l Rare Dodo, Gogo, Evergreen, Lux, Luminous, Leetle, Twiggy, Branchy
Technician-ll Epic Flaunt, Flight, Hippogon
The Fall of Night Epic Bahamut
Thorn-l Uncommon Draco, Draconio, Draconius
Thorn-ll Rare Draco, Draconio, Draconius, Katch, Ripper, Gnasher, Oogway, Bluegway, Pewgway, Whalorn, Setanic, Leviathan
Thorn-lll Epic Needles
Thunder-l Uncommon Frizz, Fritz, Fright
Thunder-ll Rare Bolt
Torrent-l Uncommon Bubbles
Torrent-ll Rare Hydroe, Splashy
Unbending Uncommon Dodo, Gogo, Pampurred, Prefurred, Purrfection, Phony, Leetle, Flaunt, Flight, Pocahoontas, Trunky, Chunky, Purity, Sincerity, Felicity, Hippogon
Underdog Power Rare Lupus, Octobud, Octomom, Fenrir, Cerberus, Hydra, Chimera, Minotaur, Behemoth
Unnerve Epic Lava, Leshy, Angelo, Roco, Crystal, Splashy, Angel, Bolt, Devil, Plantosaurus, Setanic
Untangled Rare Joey, Powch, Oogway, Bluegway, Pewgway, Crabby, Crusty, Roco
Water Barrier Rare Poe, Hydra
Waterlogged Common Lizzy, Frizzy, Antee, Cheeky
Water Therapy-l Uncommon Katch, Ripper, Gnasher, Lux, Luminous, Twinkle
Water Therapy-ll Rare Whalorn, Gryphion, Leviathan
Weather Lock Epic Antee, Crispy

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