Below are monster scrolls, the monsters needed for Synthesis, and where the scroll is most often found. Please note that the monster you use for synthesis will disappear and leave the combined synthesized monster. Monster Grades also affect the outcome of the monster after synthesis. To synthesize a specific monster, you must have the correct scroll for that monster and the required monsters for Synthesis. Also, the required monsters for Synthesis have a required level. The monsters for Synthesis must be the correct level or higher, otherwise it won't work. Note that only monsters that have a rarity of Rare, Epic and Legendary can be synthesized. Common and Uncommon monsters are usually used as the required monsters for Synthesis. Don't try to find a Katch scroll and synthesize a Katch! Only specific monsters that are Rare, Epic, or Legendary can be synthesized, and their specific scrolls can be found. Before synthesizing, you must check that the monsters you are about to lose from Synthesis are the ones you really don't want. Otherwise, you might lose a precious, very favored monster of yours that you really like by accident, without knowing! Check before synthesizing, and then let it roll! Acquire very rare and awesome monsters by Synthesis, after synthesizing. The monsters you lost for Synthesis are replaced by one awesome, better monster that you will enjoy! Synthesis is a way to get awesome, very rare monsters without paying for them or exploring for them.


Most requires level 10 monsters some level 1

Angel Phony, Pocahoontas, Lupa
Blubbie Dodo, Lux, Freezy
Bubbles Katch, Chowda, Crabby
Chimp Antee, Flare Team Mode Canyon
Crabby Chowda, Katch Team Mode Miracle Sea
Crispy Funkis, Antee, Octobud
Echo Jack, Mischief
Escarglow Flare, Lizzy, Chimp
Freezy Glacie, Chowda Team Mode Frozen Cavern
Glider Tresha, Cheeky
Grubby Armon, Geo, Ricky
Lambush Bud, Leetle, Octobud
Lupa Pinchey, Joey Team Mode Volcano
Octobud Bud, Bud Team Mode Jungle
Ricky Geo, Paranormal Team Mode Stone Vault
Sally Frizz, Lux, Echo
Shadow Jack, Mischief, Echo
Twiggy Bud, Maize


Requires level 14 monsters

Boopie Geo, Dodo, Armon, Ricky Veteran Mode Stone Vault
Flaunt Ripper, Chimp, Funkis, Fritz
Flicker Furor, Phony, Lizzy, Chimp Veteran Mode Volcano
Kreepie Cursie, Paranormal, Echo, Twinkle
Oogway Ripper, Chowda, Maize, Crabby Veteran Mode Miracle Sea
Pampurred Lupa, Twinkle, Mythik, Joey Veteran Mode Sealed Space
Slider Antee, Antee, Blossom, Octobud Veteran Mode Jungle
Thor Lux, Fritz, Lupa, Lizzy Veteran Mode Canyon
Trunky Yaki, Lupus, Freezy, Jack
Pattapilla Kernel lvl 20, Blossom lvl 20, Octomom lvl 25
Sneopard Glazelle lvl 20, Yeti lvl 20, Fragician lvl 25 Veteran Mode Barren Land


Hippogon Flight lvl 50, 2 x Flight lvl 40, Smiter lvl 40, Pewgway lvl 40 Magic Shop (200 Essence of Life)
Gryphion Rhor lvl 50, 2 x Rhor lvl 40, 2 x Neon lvl 40 Boss Essence Shop (200 boss essence)
Setanic Brawny lvl 50, 2 x Brawny lvl 40, 2 x Scythe lvl 40 Passing Barren Land-15 Expert
Leviathan Pewgway lvl 50, 2 x Pewgway lvl 40 , 2 x Cygness lvl 40

Collect 135 Monsters

Arctica   Chunky lvl 50, 2 x Chunky lvl 40 , 2 x Cygness lvl 40 Activity Reward Chest
Sphierx Ignightmare lvl 50, 2 x Ignightmare lvl 40, 2 x Meniss lvl 40 Passing Ocean Abyss-15 Expert
Plantosaurus Smiter lvl 50, 2 x Smiter lvl 40, Meniss lvl 40, Neon lvl 40 Passing Deadly Desert-15 Expert