20000 Honor Purchase
(Must have a monthly score of 2500 or higher)


"Arrived here from a world of dragons and plans to conquer this land."

Available Skills:

Crystallize Level 8 Slot 3
Water Jets Level 14 Slot 4
Infliction Level 16 Slot 1
Erupting Spring Level 20 Slot 2
Rain Prayer Level 24 Slot 3
Water Beads Level 28 Slot 4


To activate a talent, you will need a Premium Rune Gem

Intimidate Your opponent's physical attack decreases when your monster is switched into battle or enters the battle after its opponent. Intimidate does not work when there is no target.
Unnerve Your opponent's magical attack decreases when your monster is switched into battle.
Rain Cleanse Removes all debuffs with each turn when its raining
Apathetic Immune to Seduction
Torrent-II When your health is below 30%, your water skills become significantly more effective.
Rain Power - ATK Your monster's physical attack increases when it is raining.
Rain Power - MATK Your monster's magical attack increases when it is raining.

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