No. 157

Scroll (Reward for passing Ocean Abyss - 15 Expert)
Synthesis: Ignightmare lvl 50 + Ignightmare x2 lvl 40 + Meniss x2 lvl 40
"This former lion king has been reborn in flames. It now wears the headdress of a pharoah."

Available skills:

Blinding Smoke Lvl 10 Slot 3
Sword Dance Lvl 15 Slot 4
Whack Lvl 18 Slot 1
Pyroblast Lvl 22 Slot 2
Celestial Prayer Lvl 26 Slot 3
Super Fire Bomb Lvl 50 Slot 2


To activate a talent, you will need a Premium Rune Gem

Flame Body-ll After you've been injured, you have a decent chance of giving your opponent a burn debuff.
Solar Power-MATK Your monster's magical attack increases when the weather is scorching.
Solar Power-ATK Your monster's physical attack increases when the weather is scorching.
Sun Therapy-ll Heas you a decent amount each turn when the weather is scorching.
Invalidate When your monster is in combat, the increase/decrease of stats will become ineffective on all monsters.
Fortitude-ll If a monster has an advantage over yours, the damage they deal is significantly decreased.

Lvl 60 s stats (Will be put into a table in the future)

HP: 250 SPD: 209

ATK: 185 DEF: 173

MATK: 185 MDEF: 125

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