Slider - lvl 1
Swiper - lvl 18
Smiter - lvl 36 (Dragon Scales)
Evolved from Swiper
(Item: Dragon Scales)


"Evolved from snake to dragon using the magic of an enchanted dragon scale. Gained incredible power."

Available Skills:

Feign Weakness lvl 8 Slot 3
Leaf Shield lvl 15 Slot 4
Rampage lvl 19 Slot 1
Poison Petals lvl 23 Slot 2
Razor Leaves lvl 40 Slot 1


To activate a talent, you will need a Ultimate Rune Gem

Overgrow - III When your health is below 30%, your plant skills become immensely more effective.
Healer Heals you a little each turn.
Force - II Your monsters physical attack increases significantly.
Sun Cleanse Removes all debuffs with each turn when the weather is scorching.
Poison Point - I After you've been injured, you have a small chance of giving your opponent a poison debuff.

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