Advanced Skill

Skill PP Attack Type Power Hit Chance Notes
Poison Leaves 5 Physical 90 95% May Poison
Photosynthesis 3 Supplementary 100% Heals You Alot
Solar Smite 3 Physical 120 80% May Stun Yourself
Lethal Powder 10 Supplementary 70% If Poisoned, Make Lethal Poison, If Not, Poison
Seed Bullets 5 Magical 55 90% Hits All Opponents
Razor Leaves 10 Physical 55 90% Hits All Opponents
Cleansing Powder 10 Supplementary 100% Removes all debuffs

Intermediate Skill

Skill PP Attack Type Power Hit Chance Notes
Toxic Stake 3 Supplementary 100% Poison Opponent When They Switch Monsters
Poison Whip 10 Magical 45 95% May Poison
Hypnosis Powder 10 Supplementary 60% Hypnotizes The Opponent
Poison Powder 10 Supplementary 70% Poisons The Opponent
Paralysis Powder 10 Supplementary 70% Paralyzes The Opponent
Entwine 10 Supplementary 50% Opponent Cannot Switch Monsters, Damage Each Turn
Poison Petals 10 Magical 60 95% May Poison
Underworld Plant 5 Magical 40 95% Steals Health, May Poison
Underworld Seeds 5 Supplementary 75% Steals Health

Beginner Skill

Skill PP Attack Type Power Hit Chance Notes
Vine Whip 15 Physical 35 100% May Poison
Mother's Embrace 10 Supplementary 100% Increase MATK
Leaf Shield 10 Supplementary 100% Increase PDEF
Grass Wall 10 Supplementary 100% Increase Dodge

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