In Haypi Monster, you can add pals to help you along in your journey. In the Lost Tower, Pals are also included as a feature in the game. To add a pal you must enter their pal code at the beginning of your journey, or if you want to add a pal in-game you must select one of the 5 features you can currently use to invite pals to join the game. Once you select a feature, you can invite them to the game using that feature, and then when they join the game they can be your pal by entering your pal code. Pals are very useful in both games. You can do many MANY things with pals in both Haypi Monster and the Lost Tower. In The Lost Tower, there are even more features you can use with Pals. SUCC

How to Invite Pals

  1. Put in their pal code when first starting.
  2. Invite them using Weibo.
  3. Invite them using Facebook
  4. Invite them using Twitter
  5. Invite them using Messages.
  6. Invite them using Mail.

Features of Pals

  1. Raid Bosses in the Boss Raid section with your Pals for extra help.
  2. Gift monsters to your pals.
  3. Gift energy to your pals(only in The Lost Tower).
  4. Receive rewards when your pal reaches a certain level, like for example level 15(only in The Lost Tower).
  5. So much more features to use when inviting a pal! Check them all out in Haypi Monster and The Lost Tower!