Mantis - lvl 1
Scythe - lvl 24
Breed from Scythe


"A praying mantis that has been sealed in a rock. It bears a stronger resemblance to a rock with each passing day."

Available Skills:

Serenade Level 8 Slot 3
Ultrasonic Level 15 Slot 4
Infliction Level 19 Slot 1
Rock Fall Level 23 Slot 2
Whack Level 27 Slot 1


To activate a talent, you will need an Ultimate Rune Gem.

Armor-II Your monster's physical defense increases significantly.
Resurrect After the monster loses all its health, it can resurrect with just 1 Hp left. (Can only be activated once per battle.)
DEF Boost Your monster's physical defense increases when switched to battle.
Sand Cleanse Removes all debuffs with each turn during a sand storm.
Detonate-I The attacker suffers some deal of damage after your monster is defeated.

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