No. 156

Scroll (Reward for collecting 135 monsters)
Synthesis: Pewg lvl 50 + Pewgway x2 lvl 40 + Cygness x2 lvl 40
"Was born in the depths of the ocean. The entire ocean is its playground."

Available skills:

Crystallize Lvl 8 Slot 3
Water Jets Lvl 14 Slot 4
Infliction Lvl 16 Slot 1
Erupting Spring Lvl 20 Slot 2
Sewage Lvl 24 Slot 4
Rain Prayer Lvl 28 Slot 3
Water Torrent Lvl 50 Slot 2


To activate a talent, you will need a Premium Rune Gem.

Thorn-ll Your monster will reciprocate more damage after an injury
Rain Power-ATK Your monster's physical attack increases when it is raining.
Rain Power-MATK Your monster's magical attack increases when it is raining.
Water Therapy-ll Heals you a decent amount each turn when it is raining.
Invalidate When your monster is in combat, the increase/decrease of stats will become ineffective on all monsters.
Fortitude-ll If a monster has the advantage over yours, the damage they deal is significantly decreased.

Lvl 60 s stats (Will be set in a table in the future)

HP: 286 SPD: 173

ATK: 149 DEF: 185

MATK: 149 MDEF: 185