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Flicker - lvl 1
Searbiscuit - lvl 18
Ignightmare - lvl 36 (Fire Essence)
Evolves from Searbiscuit


"Gallops from dream to dream. Is the sworn enemy of Felicity"

Available Skills:

Blinding Smoke lvl 10 Slot 3
Anger lvl 15 Slot 4
Smack lvl 18 Slot 1
Pyroblast can also learn Fire Blast from skill book lvl 22 Slot 2
Firestorm lvl 26 Slot 3
Molten Core lvl 32 Slot 4
Wild Fire lvl 34 Slot 3


To activate a talent, you will need a Ultimate Rune Gem

Blaze I When your health is below 30%, your fire skills become more effective.
Flame Body II After you've been injured, you have a decent chance of giving your opponent a burn debuff.
Intimidate Your opponents physical attack decreases when your monster is switched into battle or enters the battle after its opponent. Intimidate does not work when there is no target.
Sun Cleanse Removes all debuffs with each turn when the weather is scorching.
Own Tempo Immune to Confusion

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