A level 25 Hypnoe

A Hypnoe is a mysterious creature, living and attacking in the shadows. Only a few monster keepers could even dream of having this amazing form of the common Poe.

Getting a HypnoeEdit

There is one way to get a Hypnoe, to feed the common Poe Ghost Honey. Ghost Honey can be obtained after collecting enough ghost monsters, or it can be bought at the store for 10,000 coins.

Hypnoe's Very SkilledEdit


Hypnoe's Evolution.

At level 8, slot 2 unlocks, shadow orb. At level 12, slot 3 unlocks, full stomach. At level 15, slot 4 unlocks, sword dance. At level 19, slot 1 becomes Infliction. At level 23, slot 2 becomes ambush. At level 35, slot 4 becomes sneak attack.

Special SkillsEdit

Hypnoe can get 3 special skills.

Taunt-When your monster is in combat, all your opponents will aim for your Hypnoe. Magic Force II-Your monster's physical attack greatly increases. Paranormal Barrier-When you are hit by a ghost monster, you don't revive as much damage, meanwhile, your physical attack increases.

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