Haypi Monster2

A battle in Jungle. Note how the green arrow pointing up next to the Fire element sign means that the monster currently has an element advantage over the other monster.

This is a quick guide through the first few combat levels of Haypi Monsters!


The tutorial will guide you through the first two levels. Remember, Fire-element monsters are recommended for this level. Although Ice is strong, too, it is unlikely you will have an Ice element monster at that time. If you do, both are strong in the Jungle area and are recommended to use. Monsters here are level 5 to 10.

Miracle SeaEdit

Plant element and Electric element monsters are strong in the Miracle Sea area, so both these elements are powerful in this whole area and are recommended to use in this area to complete it quickly. Use your Twiggy or the other Plant-element monsters you have obtained from Jungle to defeat the monsters in this area. If you have an Electric element monster, that is strong too, so use them to quickly defeat the monsters in the area. Monsters here are level 10 to 23.

Volcano Edit

Water element and Rock element monsters are strong in the Volcano area. Use Crabby or the other Water-element monsters you have acquired from Miracle Sea to quickly and strongly defeat the monsters in the Volcano area. Water and Rock is recommended highly to use in the Volcano area, because they are both really effective against the monsters in this area. Monsters here are between level 23 and 30.

That's all for the quick guide through the combat levels. Remember, use the Tips section to find out more element advantages and disadvantages to get a hold on the battles and make victory for you! Also, study the levels of the monsters in an area to find out what level monsters are right for the area, not too low.



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