Advanced Skill

Skill PP Attack Type Power Hit Chance Notes
Punishment 5 Magical 1 95% Decreases Opponent's PP
Cunning 10 Magical 60 95% Decreases opponent's MDEF, then damages the opponent. This move will always hit after other normal attacks, regardless of user's speed. *MDEF decrease stacks with multiple uses on a single opponent.
Power of Darkness 10 Supplementary 100% Enhances MATK, MDEF, PATK, PDEF, SPD. Effect does not stack with multiple uses, but does stack with other skills that enhance attributes.
Shadow Storm 5 Magical 55 90% Hits all Opponents
Dream Thief 5 Magical 90 90% Damages the opponent and heals the user for half that damage. Will only hit a sleeping opponent. *This skill does NOT put the opponent to sleep.

Intermediate Skill

Skill PP Attack Type Power Hit Chance Notes
Shadow Orb 15 Magical 45 100% Has a chance to decrease opponent's MDEF
Fear 10 Supplementary 70% Confuses the Opponent
Shadow Swipe 10 Magical 45 95% Has a chance to enhance user's MATK
Curse 10 Supplementary 95% Sacrifice half of maximum HP to inflict curse status on opponent (causes 25% damage every turn)
Sneak Attack 10 Magical 55 100% Damages Opponent
Ambush 10 Magical 35 95% Always Critically Hits Opponents
Exhaust 10 Supplementary 75% Hypnotizes the Opponent

Beginner Skill

Skill PP Attack Type Power Hit Chance Notes
Polish 10 Supplementary 100% Increase MATK