Geo - lvl 1
Igneous - lvl 19
Miracle Sea - 3


" Flew out of an erupting volcano. Has a very high temperate.."

Available Skills:

Serenade Level 8 Slot 3
Ultrasonic Level 12 Slot 4
Infliction Level 14 Slot 1
Rock Fall Level 16 Slot 2
Rock Armor Level 21 Slot 3


To activate a talent, you will need a Normal Rune Gem.

Fortitude-I If a monster has the advantage over yours, the damage they deal is slightly decreased.
Earth Barrier When your monster is hit by an earth type skill , it will not take as much damage. Meanwhile,its physical attack increases.
Detonate-II The attacker suffers a great deal of damage after your monster is defeated.

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