Flare - lvl 1
Furor - lvl 12
Furocity - lvl 25
Sealed Space-6 normal mode
Evolved from Furor


"The flames along the outside of its body can never be extinguished."

Available Skills:

Blinding Smoke Level 10 Slot 3
Sword Dance Level 15 Slot 4
Infliction Level 18 Slot 1
Pyroblast Level 22 Slot 2
Firestorm Level 26 Slot 3
Whirling Flame Level 32 Slot 4


To activate a talent, you will need a Normal Rune Gem

Flame Body I After you’ve been injured, you have a small chance of giving your opponent a burn debuff
Blaze I When your health is below 30%, your fire skills become more effective
Solar Power ATK Your monster’s physical attack increases when the weather is scorching.

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