Advanced Skill  

Skill PP Attack Type Power Hit Chance Notes
Fire Bomb 5 Magical 90 90% May burn
Meteor 5 Magical 55 90% Hits all opponents
Fire Blast 5 Physical 90 90% May burn
Super Fire Bomb 3 Physical 120 90% May burn, decrease our PATK
Wild FireSkillfire Wildfire 5 Physical 55 90% Hits all opponents

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Intermediate Skill

Skill PP Attack Type Power Hit Chance Notes
Celestial Prayer 5 Supplementary 100% Makes the weather sunny
Flame Trap 5 Supplementary 95% Opponent may fail to change monsters
PyroblastSkillfire Pyroblast 10 Physical 60 95% May burn
Firestorm 10 Supplementary 70% Will burn
Molten CoreSkillfire Molten Core 10 Supplementary 100% Increases MATK & MDEF
Whirling Flame 10 Magical 45 95% Increases MATK, may burn
Hot Smoke 10 Magical 50 90% Increase dodge, may burn

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Beginner Skill

Skill PP Attack Type Power Hit Chance Notes
Burn 15 Physical 35 100% May burn
AngerSkillfire Anger 10 Supplementary 100% Increases PATK
Blinding SmokeSkillfire Blinding Smoke 10 Supplementary 100% Increase dodge

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