Orange Egg
No. 160

"This monstrous wolf is destructive. It comes and goes with the power of a blizzard" it is the most powerful monster in haypi

Available skills:

Ice Armor Lvl 8 Slot 3
Serenade Lvl 15 Slot 4
Bodyslam Lvl 19 Slot 1
Ice Beam Lvl 21 Slot 2
Blizzard Lvl 27 Slot 3
Aurora Borealis Lvl 50 Slot 2


To activate a talent, you will need a Premium Rune Gem

Magic Force-ll Your monster's magical attack increases significantly.
Speed Boost Your monster's speed increases when switched into battle.
Blizzard Causes a blizzard when the monster is in combat.
Ressurect After the monster loses all its health, it can ressurect with just 1 HP left. (Can only be activated once per battle.)
Underdog Power When attacking an opponent with an element advantage, your skills will become more effective.
Frigid When your opponent attacks you with ice skills, the damage you recieve is reduced. Meanwhile, your monster's magical attack increases.

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