Purity Lvl 1
Sincerity Lvl 20
Felicity Lvl 38
Evolved from Sincerity, Item: Maiden's Kiss (Sealed Space Expert Mode)


"Evolved after receiving a kiss from a maiden. Is the sworn enemy of Ignightmare."

Available Skills:

High Speed Lv 8 Slot 3
Hypnotism Lv 15 Slot 4
Smack Lv 19 Slot 1
Spirit Channel Lv 23 Slot 2
Confusion Lv 27 Slot 3
Memory Wipe Lv 35 Slot 4
Psychic Thrust Lv 40 Slot 1


To activate a talent, you will need an Ultimate Rune Gem

Psychic Barrier When your monster is hit by a psychic skill,it will not take as much damage.Meanwhile,its magical attack increases.
Natural Cure All debuffs will disappear when switching monsters.
Pressure When your monster is in combat,other monsters lose 2 extra PPs each time they use a skill.
Magic Force-II Your monster's magical attack increases significantly.
Unbending Your monster's stats cannot be altered by other monsters.
Flush When your monster is in combat, the increases/decreases of all combat monster stats disappear.

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