No. 147

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Thorny Forest - Expert 10 - Cave
"She is an easy going fairy. However, the toxic vines and thorns shrouding her body prevents her from making friends."

Available skills:

Feign Weakness Lvl 8 Slot 3
Leaf Shield Lvl 15 Slot 4
Rampage Lvl 19 Slot 1
Poison Petals Lvl 23 Slot 2
Razor Leaves Lvl 40 Slot 1


To activate a talent, you will need an Ultimate Rune Gem

Malicious When damage is dealt to your monster, there is a chance that the attacker will be poisoned. Severe poisoned occurs when this skill stacks.
Plant Barrier When your monster is hit by a plant skill, it will not take as much damage. Meanwhile, its physical attack increases.
Magic Force-ll Your monster's magical attack increases significantly.
Stuck When your monster is in combat, your opponent cannot switch monsters manually.
Solar Power-MATK Your monster's magical attack increases when the weather is scorching.

Lvl 60 S Stats (Will be set in a table in the future)

HP: 226 SPD: 173

ATK: 185 DEF: 126

MATK: 198 MDEF: 139

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