Poe - lvl 1
Electroe - lvl 27
Evolved from Poe
Item: honey electric (canyon team mode)


"The evolved form of Poe after eating Honey (Electric). Its fur generates static electricity."

Available Skills:

Electric Shock Level 8 Slot 2
Electric Shock Level 12 Slot 3
Sword Dance Level 15 Slot 4
Infliction Level 19 Slot 1
Lightning Level 23 Slot 2
Ultrasonic Level 27 Slot 3


To activate a talent, you will need a Super Rune Gem

Double Double Stats change will become twice as effective.
Rain Power-ATK Your monster's physical attack increases when it is raining.
Aim Your monster's hit rating increases at the beginning of the battle.
Taunt When the monster is in combat,all of your opponents' attacks will target your monster.

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