Orange Egg Edit

You can obtain legendary monsters from the Orange Egg, or other awesome monsters. Costs 49 Coins to hatch one.

You can obtain Cerberus, Hydra, Behemoth, Chimera, Minotaur, Fenrir, Pegasus, and Bahamut from the Orange Egg. Those are the main legendary monsters you can obtain from them.

Purple Egg Edit

You will ALWAYS get an Epic rarity monster, no matter what. Epic guaranteed from the Purple Egg, no Rares, no Uncommons, no Commons, and no Legendaries. Good if you are a starter and need a good monster to give you a start on your journey, and especially if you are stuck on a level. Costs 99 Coins to hatch one.

Blue Egg Edit

You can get an Epic or a Rare from the Blue Egg. You can also obtain Essence of Life from the Blue egg that comes with the monster. Also useful if you are a starter and need a good monster to help you greatly on your journey, and if you are stuck on a hard level that you cannot beat with your Common or Uncommon, or with any of your monsters. Cheap to hatch, so it's even more good to get. Costs 9 Coins to hatch one.

Plain Egg Edit

You can get any non-legendary monster, which means you can get an Epic, a Rare, an Uncommon, or a Common from the Plain Egg. Is very expensive to hatch, so even if you do have good luck and get an Epic, it is not recommended to spam-hatch Plain Eggs to get a good monster. Costs 80,000 Money to hatch.

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