Draco - lvl 1
Draconio - lvl 12
Draconius - lvl 25
Evolved from Draco


"This adolescent is almost the size of a full-grown dragon. However, if has trouble controlling its powers."

Available Skills:

Blinding Smoke lvl 10 Slot 3
Anger lvl 12 Slot 4
Smack lvl 14 Slot 1
Pyroblast lvl 16 Slot 2
Molten Core lvl 21 Slot 4
Wild Fire lvl 34 Slot 3


To activate a talent, you will need a Ultimate Rune Gem

Thorn II Your monster will reciprocate more damage after an injury.
Adaptability When you attack with a skill that matches your monster’s element, your skill will deal increased damage.
Blaze I When your health is below 30%, your fire skills become more effective.
Thorn I Your monster will reciprocate some damage after an injury.
Taunt When your monster is in combat, all your opponents attacks will target your monster.

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