Combat Rules:Edit

When a battle starts, each side selects its active combat monster’s skill. The speed of the active monsters determines which side gets first hit. The battle ends when one side is no longer able to continue. If a monster has been defeated but additional monsters on that side are waiting for their turn, then the defeated monster and a waiting monster will automatically switch places. These switches, unlike manual switches, will not take up a turn. If all the monsters on one side are defeated, the opponent wins.

Switch monsters:Edit

You can switch monsters during combat.
Switching monsters takes up one of your turns, regardless of which monster has the higher speed.


During ordinary fights, you can seal a monster using normal Seal Cards or coins. This action takes up one of your turns.


During combat, you can’t use items manually. However, the potions and jellies you've equipped before the challenge will activate automatically under certain circumstances. These actions will not take up a turn.