You can get a monster through sealing, synthesis, breeding, and tasks.


You can capture a monster by sealing it with a Normal Seal Card. The rarer a monster is, the lower will be your success rate for sealing it. (Legendaries are hardest. The best capture chance is 9%.) You can weaken a monster and increase the success rate by lowering its health before you seal it. You can only seal monsters on normal mode maps and in caves.

Breed Edit

Monsters can be bred in the Hatchery. Unlike Synthesis, breeding does not make the original monsters disappear. There is a chance your baby monster will have higher stats than its parents. If you give your baby monsters a Blessing, then higher stats are guaranteed.
Breeding Requirements:
  • Player must be level 15.
  • Parent monsters must be levels 15 and up.
  • Monsters must be of same species, one female and the other male, though they can be in different stages of evolution.
  • Monsters that are grade C or higher require love potions.


You can use a scroll to synthesize the required monsters into a new monster. After synthesis you lose the original monsters. The outcome of the rank of the new monster will depend on the rank of the monsters used to synthesize it.


Monster scrolls can be acquired from completing tasks, opening chests, rewards for collecting monsters or when you spin after you complete a map. You can also purchase scrolls from the Magic Shop or the Boss Essence Shop.

Purchase: Edit

You can purchase monsters from the Encyclopedia with coins or money. To do so, you must first unveil the monsters’ portraits by completing levels or getting prestige from the Ladder Tournament.