Sneopard - lvl 1
Clawpard - lvl 27
Evolved from Sneopard,Iteum:(Frostcore in Barren Land Veteran).


"Survived in harsh climates, gaining wisdom beyond its years. Its thick skin and sharp claws make it fearless against predators."

Available Skills:

Ice Armor Level 8 Slot 4
Serenade Level 15 Slot 4
Bodyslam Level 19 Slot 1
Ice Beam Level 21 Slot 2
Ring of Ice Level 27 Slot 3


To activate a talent, you will need an Ultimate Rune Gem.

Frost Aura-III When your health is below 30%,your ice skills become immensely more effective
Ice Therapy-I Heals you a litle with each turn during a blizzard.
Magic Armor-II Your monster's magical defense increases significantly.
Magic Force-II Your monster's magical attack increases significantly.
Inverse Inverses the increase/decrease of stats on your monster.

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