Orange Egg


"This three-headed hound guards the gates to the Underworld. He's the loyal servant of Hades.."

Available Skills:

Blinding Smoke Level 10 Slot 3
Sword Dance Level 15 Slot 4
Whack Level 18 Slot 1
Pyroblast Level 22 Slot 2
Celectial Prayer Level 26 Slot 3
Super Fire Bomb Level 50 Slot 2


To activate a talent, you will need a Premium Rune Gem

Force - ll You monster physical attack increase significantly
Adrenaline You physical attack increases after you have defeated a monster
Heat Wave Turns the weather into scorching hot when the monster is in combat
Ressurect After the monster loses all its health, it can ressurect with only 1 hp left. (Can only be activated once per battle)
Underdog Power

When attacking a monster with an element advantage, you skill will become more effective

Fire Barrier When you monster is hit by a fire-type skill, it will nit take as much damage. Meanwhile its physical attack increase

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