# Monster Name Rarity How to get
007 Katch Uncommon Miracle Sea - 1
008 Ripper Uncommon Stone Vault - 1
009 Gnasher Uncommon Sealed Space - 5
035 Chowda Uncommon Miracle Sea - 2
036 Shelly Uncommon Sealed Space - 4, Evolved from Chowda
058 Oogway Epic Scroll (Miracle Sea Veteran)
059 Bluegway Epic Evolved from Oogway
060 Pewgway Epic Evovles from Bluegway (Item: Ancient Coral)
073 Crabby Rare Scroll (Miracle Sea Team Mode), Quest Reward (Collect 8 Water Monsters)
074 Crusty Rare Evolved from Crabby
100 Hydroe Rare Evolved from Poe, Item: honey water (Miracle Sea team mode)
119 Splashy Legendary 20,000 Honor (Must have a monthly score of 2500 or higher)
122 Bubbles Rare Scroll (Quest Reward collect 12 Water Monsters)
130 Seafoam Epic Breed from Cygness, Cave
131 Cygness Epic Evolved from Seafoam, Cave
156 Leviathan Legendary ScrollQuest Reward collect 135 Monsters).
162 Hydra Legendary Orange Egg
168 Sorcerey Rare Volcano - 1


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