# Monster Name Rarity How to get
016 Mythik Uncommon Volcano - 6
017 Mystik Uncommon Sealed Space - 1, Evolved from Mythik
037 Pampurred Epic Scroll (Veteran Mode Sealed Space)
038 Prefurred Epic Evolved from Pampurred
039 Purrfecton Epic Evolved from Prefurred, Item: Crown (Sealed Space Veteran and Expert Modes)
069 Twinkle Common Stone Vault - 5
070 Phony Common Stone Vault - 6
084 Pocahoontas Common Canyon - 2
095 Lupa Rare Scroll (Quest reward for collecting 6 psychic monsters) or (sealed space team mode)
103 Psychoe Rare Evolved from Poe, Item: Honey Psychic
108 Purity Epic Prestige (36,000) and 500,000 silver
109 Sincerity Epic Evolved from Purity
110 Felicity Epic Evolved from Sincerity, Item: Maiden's Kiss (Sealed Space Expert Mode)
116 Angelo Legendary A slight chance to appears randomly on all scenes normal mode
125 Angel Rare Scroll (Quest Reward for collecting 9 psychic monsters)

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