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# Monster Name Rarity How to get
010 Bud Uncommon Jungle - 1
011 Blossom Uncommon Canyon - 4
012 Bloom Uncommon Sealed Space - 5
027 Maize Common Jungle - 2
028 Kernel Common Canyon - 3
063 Slider Epic Scroll (Jungle Veteran)
064 Swiper Epic Evolved from Slider
065 Smiter Epic Evolved from Swiper, Item: Dragon Scales (Jungle Expert)
075 Leetle Common Stone Vault - 6
078 Twiggy Rare Quest: Tutorial , Scroll (Shop)
079 Branchy Rare Quest: Tutorial, Frozen Cavern - 9, Item: Twig
085 Octobud Rare Scroll (Jungle Veteran), Quest Reward (Collect 9 Plant Monsters)
086 Octomom Rare Evolved from Octobud
102 Vegetaboe Rare Evolved from Poe, Item: honey plant (Team mode jungle)
115 Leshy Legendary Prestige (75,000) and 500,000 silver
123 Lambush Rare Quest Reward (Collect 13 Plant Monsters)
154 Plantosaurus Legendary Prestige (300,000) and 1,000,000 silver
165 Behemoth Legendary Orange egg
135 Pattapilla Epic Scroll(Holy Ruins veteran mode)
136 Pattafly Epic Evolved from pattapilla. Item: (Four-Leaf Clover)
147 Faerivy Epic Thorny Forest - Expert Mode 10 cave


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