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# Monster Name Rarity How to get
018 Dodo Common Stone Vault - 3
019 Gogo Common Canyon - 4, Evolved from Dodo
029 Joey Common Miracle Sea - 4
030 Powch Common Canyon - 6, Evolved from Joey
054 Pinchey Common Volcano - 3
055 Stabbey Common Canyon - 5, Evolved from Pinchey
062 Antee Common Stone Vault - 4
076 Chimp Rare Scroll (Canyon Team Mode)
077 Champ Rare Evolved from Chimp
082 Flaunt Epic Scroll (All Scenes-Veteran Mode)
083 Flight Epic Evolved from Flaunt, Item: Scrap Metal (All Scenes - Expert Mode)
094 Funkis Common Prestige (3,000) and 50,000 silver
096 Thresha Common Cave
097 Cheeky Common All Scenes Normal Mode, Cave
098 Poe Common Quest Reward (Collect 50 Total Monsters), Prestige (12,000) and 50,000 Silver or Gold Purchase (120)
126 Crispy Rare Quest Reward (Collect 13 Physical Monsters) (Scroll)
134 Glider Rare Scroll ( Quest Reward for collecting 80 monsters.)
152 Boarbarian Epic Reward - First Coin Purchase
159 Hippogon Legendary Scroll (200 Essence of Life at Magic Shop)

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