# Monster Name Rarity How to get
024 Glacie Uncommon Only obtainable through breeding
025 Glazelle Uncommon Frozen Cavern - 1, Evolved from Glacie
026 Glaze Uncommon Frozen Cavern - 3, Evolved from Glazelle
031 Yaki Uncommon Frozen Cavern - 1
032 Yeti Uncommon

Frozen Cavern - 4, Evolved from Yaki

033 Evergreen Common Frozen Cavern - 2
034 Lupus Uncommon Frozen Cavern - 5
080 Freezy Rare Scroll (Frozen Cavern team mode)
081 Fragician Rare Evolved from Freezy
092 Trunky Epic Scroll (Frozen Cavern Veteran Mode)
093 Chunky Epic Evolved from Trunky
106 Snoe Rare Evolved from poe, Item: Honey ice (frozen cavern team mode)
118 Crystal Legendary Quest Reward (Completing Barren Land 15 Veteran Mode)
129 Blubbie Rare Scroll (Quest Reward for collecting 11 ice monsters).
160 Fenrir Legendary Orange Egg
137 Sneopard Epic Scroll(Barren Land Veteran).
138 Clawpard Epic Evolved from Sneopard.(Item:Frostcore)
158 Arctica Legendary Activity Reward Chest

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