# Monster Name Rarity Location
020 Jack Common Volcano - 4
021 Smack Common Canyon - 5, Evolved from Jack
043 Paranormal Common Miracle Sea - 6
044 Parasitic Common Sealed Space - 2, Evolved from Paranormal
045 Kreepie Epic Quest: Complete Sealed Space - 15, Scroll (Shop purchase for 60 Essence of Life)
046 Spookie Epic Evolved from Kreepie
047 Meniss Epic Evolved from Spookie, Cave
050 Mischief Uncommon Volcano - 5
051 Misfortune Uncommon Sealed Space - 1, Evolved from Mischief
061 Cursie Common Stone Vault - 3
071 Echo Rare Scroll (Sealed Space Team Mode), Quest Reward (Collect 8 Ghost Monsters)
072 Shriek Rare Evolved from Echo
104 Hypnoe Rare Evolved from Poe, Item: Honey ghost (sealed space team mode)
111 Skelly Epic Honor (15000), (Must have at least 2200 monthly pvp score.)
112 Vertebrex Epic Evolved from Skelly
113 Vertedeath Epic Evolved from Vertebrex, Item: Skull Orb (Sealed Space expert mode)
127 Shadow Rare Scroll (Quest Reward for collecting 12 ghost monsters)
140 Devil Legendary Anywhere between Stone Vault and Thorny Garden

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