# Monster Name Rarity How to get
001 Draco Epic Starter Monster
002 Draconio Epic Evolved from Draco
003 Draconius Epic Evolved from Draconio
004 Flare Uncommon Volcano - 1
005 Furor Uncommon Canyon - 2
006 Furocity Uncommon Sealed Space - 6
048 Lizzy Common Volcano - 2
049 Frizzy Common Sealed Space - 3
087 Flicker Epic Scroll (Volcano  Veteran)
088 Searbiscuit Epic Evolved from Flicker
089 Ignightmare Epic Volcano Expert, Item: Fire Essence
099 Infernoe Rare Volcano Team, Item: honey Fire + Poe
114 Lava Legendary Prestige (150,000) and 500,000 silver
120 Phoenix Legendary
121 Escarglow Rare Quest Reward (Collect 11 Fire Monsters)
161 Cerberus Legendary Orange Egg


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