# Monster Name Rarity How to get
013 Frizz Uncommon Stone Vault - 2
014 Fritz Uncommon Stone Vault - 5
015 Fright Uncommon Sealed Space - 3
052 Lux Common Stone Vault - 4
053 Luminous Common Canyon - 1
090 Thor Epic Scroll (Canyon Veteran Mode)
091 Rhor Epic Evolved from Thor, Item: Bottled Thunderbolt (Canyon Expert Mode)
101 Electroe Rare Evolved from Poe, Item: honey electric (canyon team mode)
107 Stinger Rare Reward for having 5 elite referrals
124 Sally Rare Quest Reward (Collect 7 Electric Monsters)
150 Neo Epic Reward for reaching VIP 1, Cave
151 Neon Epic Evolved from Neo, Item: bolt bead (reaching VIP-2 or veteran chaotic swamp)
153 Gryphion Legendary From boss essence shop, requires 200 boss essences
163 Chimera Legendary Orange egg.


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