# Monster Name Rarity How to get
022 Armon Uncommon Miracle Sea - 5
023 Armordillo Uncommon Sealed Space - 6
040 Boopie Epic Scroll (Stone Vault Veteran)
041 Boomer Epic Evolved from Boopie
042 Brawny Epic Evolved from Boomer, Item: Dragon Fang (Stone Vault Expert)
056 Geo Uncommon Miracle Sea - 3
057 Igneous Uncommon Sealed Space - 4
066 Ricky Rare Scroll (Stone Vault Team Mode), Quest Reward (Collect 8 Earth Monsters)
067 Rocky Rare Evolved from Ricky
068 Blocky Rare Evolved from Rocky
105 Mineroe Rare Evolved from Poe, Item: honey earth (Stone vault team mode)
117 Roco Legendary Prestige (112,500) and 500,000 silver
128 Grubby Rare Quest Reward (Collect 12 Earth Monsters)
132 Mantis Epic Breed from Scythe
133 Scythe Epic Evolved from Mantis, Cave
155 Setanic Legendary Scroll (Reward for passing Barren Land - 15 Expert)
164 Minotaur Legendary Orange egg
172 Securitey Rere Lucky Egg

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