Quest Reward (Collect 12 Water Monsters)


" Lives deep in the ocean, out of the reach of normal creatures. Its skin is pink due to the lack of sunlight"

Available Skills:

Crystallize lvl 8 Slot 3
Bubbles lvl 14 Slot 4
Smack lvl 16 Slot 1
Erupting Spring lvl 20 Slot 2
Rain Prayer lvl 24 Slot 4
Sewage lvl 26 Slot 3


To activate a talent, you will need a Super Rune Gem.

Torrent-1 When your health is below 30% , your water skills become more effective.
Healer Heals you a little each turn.
Fortitude-1 If a monster has the advantage over yours, the damage they deal is slightly decreased.

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