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Oogway - lvl 1
Bluegway - lvl 18
Pewgway - lvl 32
Evolved from Oogway


"This tortoise grew too fast and suffered growing pains. That's why he's always looking so sleepy."

Available Skills:

Crystallize lvl 8 Slot 3
Water Jets lvl 14 Slot 4
Infliction lvl 16 Slot 1
Erupting Spring lvl 20 Slot 2
Sewage lvl 24 Slot 3
Water beads lvl 28 Slot 3


To activate a talent, you will need a Ultimate Rune Gem

Thorn II Your monster will reciprocate more damage after an injury.
Shun When your monster is in combat,other monsters cannot use Self-Sacrifice or Martydom.
Resurrect After the monster loses all its health,it can resurrect with just 1 HP left. (Can only be activated once per battle.)
Untangled Immune to trap.
Taunt When your monster is in combat, all your opponents attacks will target your monster.

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