No 175.

Orange Egg

"A gigantic and powerful soaring dragon. With a divine power and is regarded as the Ruler of Sky"

Available SkillsEdit

Serenade Level 8 Slot 3
Nightfall Level 15 Slot 4
Poison Paw Level 19 Slot 1
Ambush Level 23 Slot 2
Cunning Level 50 Slot 3


Night Killer (magical) When night falls, your monster's MATK increases.
Magic Force-ll Your monster's magical attack increases significantly.
Fall of the Night When your monster is switched into combat. it turns day to night.
Ressurect After the monster loses all its health, it can ressurect with just 1 HP left. (Can only be activated once per battle.)
Paranormal Barrier When your monster is hit by a ghost skill, it will not take as much damage. Meanwhile, its magical attack increases.

Level 60 s stats (To be confirmed and set into a table in the future)

HP: 268 SPD: 131

ATK: 138 DEF: 188

MATK: 209 MDEF: 198

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