Armon - lvl 1
Armordillo - lvl 19
Miracle Sea - 5


"This is actually a mouse, but it rolled around over a bunch of rocks to encase its body in thick armor."

Available Skills:

Fissure Level 8 Slot 3
Swamp Level 12 Slot 4
Whack Level 14 Slot 1
Rock Fall Level 16 Slot 2
Rock Armor Level 21 Slot 3
Rock Sling Level 22 Slot 4


To activate a talent, you will need a Normal Rune Gem

Fortitude-II If a monster has the advantage over yours, the damage they deal is slightly decreased.
Resurrect After the monster loses all its health, it can resurrect with just 1 HP left.(Can only be activated once per battle.)
Formation-II When your health is below 30%, your earth skills become significantly more effective.

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