No. 158

Scroll (Activity Chest event)
Synthesis: Chunky lvl 50 + Chunky x2 lvl 40 + Cygness x2 lvl 40
"This spiritual bird rose from frost during the birth the world itself. It is followed by dancing frost wherever it goes."

Available skills:

Ice Armor Lvl 8 Slot 3
Serenade Lvl 15 Slot 4
Bodyslam Lvl 19 Slot 1
Ice Beam Lvl 21 Slot 2
Blizzard Lvl 27 Slot 3
Aurora Borealis Lvl 50 Slot 2


To activate a talent, you will need a Premium Rune Gem.

Chill-ll After you've been injured, you have a decent chance of giving your opponent a freeze debuff.
Ice Power-MATK Your monster's magical attack increases during a blizzard.
Intimidate Your opponent's physical attack decreases when your monster is switched into battle or eters the battle after its opponent. Intimidate does not work when there is no target.
Ice Therapy-ll Heals you a decent amount each turn during a blizzard.
Invalidate When your monster is in combat, the increase/decrease of stats will become ineffective on all monsters.
Fortitude-ll If a monster has the advantage over yours, the damage they deal is significantly decreased.

Lvl 60 s stats (will be set on a table in the future)

HP: 262 SPD: 155

ATK: 144 DEF: 159

MATK: 198 MDEF: 210

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